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Hi! I'm Mahe Zehra a.k.a MZ

Happiness is not an elusive feeling. It is something that is felt when you are on the journey to making your dreams come true, something that is felt when you are truly aligned with who you are.


It is something that is crafted by focusing on the things in life that matter the most, the simple things. A memorable conversation, a travel experience, doodling, a craft project, a comfortable home.


I believe these are the things that lead to the feeling of happiness. These are the journeys I document on my blog. The things I do to feel happy, to create my own happiness.


I write blog posts and make videos to share my adventures with the world. My blog posts, books, and videos focus on DIYs, planning, vision boarding, spaces, parties, and mindful creativity.

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Butterfly zentangleart doodle doodling
VIntage Butterfly #mixedmedia #art

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