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Learn the art of zentangle! 

Join 1000’s of happy students who have taken the workshop!

Learn the Art of Zentangle in 30 minutes a day!

Zentangle is a fun and relaxing art form that is easy to learn. If you can draw a line, a circle, and an arc then you can tangle too! Join me in this fun video class as I take you through all the basics you need to learn to tangle. In as little as 30 minutes every day, you’ll learn all about the glorious art of Zentangle!

I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher and a true believer in the relaxing nature of the Zentangle art form. I’ve always been scared of drawing and shading and thought that it would take me ages to master something that looks as complex as tangled tiles.

To my surprise the three days I spent learning Zentangle from Rick and Maria was all the time I needed to grasp the basics – from then on it was all about getting some practice. In this course, you will also be able to learn all about tangling and we will start at the very beginning.

In this Zentangle course, you will be able to learn the unique techniques and methods that turn drawing repetitive patterns into beautifully complex art. Using simple strokes and some tricks, you will be able to learn complex tangles.

In a nutshell the Zentangle art form is a drawing process in which you use different shapes and lines that are all used together to create a complex pattern. You will be amazed to see the results and the magic of working one stroke at a time!


Materials Required:

To create a Zentangle tile you will need

  1. Fine-tip black pens

  2. Pencil

  3. Card Paper



Using just three items, you can start creating some beautiful Zentangle art. You start by taking a tile – this is a piece of paper that measures 3.5 inches square – and making four light dots on the edges using your pencil. Then you join these with loose lines and add some extra lines within this loose square to create sections. This is the framework you will start with. Now you can fill this with Zentangle patterns or what are called tangles. One thing that is common in all the Zentangle patterns or tangles is that they are built up using simple elements and repetitive patterns. This art therapy is mindful and relaxing. As you see, Zentangle art does not require multiple expensive supplies. With just a pencil, a good pen and good quality card paper, you can create beautiful works of art.


Zentangles – A Fulfilling Art Therapy

This course is like a meditative art session in which you will enjoy learning about the Zentangle art form. I prefer to teach my students Zentangle patterns or tangles via video tutorials online. This helps them learn the art form step-by-step by following what I’m doing in real time. The practice of tangling starts with a meditative ritual. Take a deep breath. Relax and make sure you’re comfortable. I like putting on some soft instrumental music and lighting my favorite candle. Zentangle art has become a therapy for many people around the world.

Once you have made sure you’re seated comfortably you can take your tile and draw four simple dots on the corners using a pencil. Connect those dots with lights and loose pencil lines. Now draw a ‘string’ inside this frame breaking up the square in multiple parts. You can use a loopy string, a geometric string, anything at all that your heart fancies. This part comes with no rules at all. Then we will move on to learning some tangle patterns and you’ll learn how to fill in these sections and create a unique and beautiful piece of art.

I’ve tried to keep everything simple and easy to understand and this course teaches Zentangle patterns for beginners and kids, both.

I prefer to teach my students the Zentangle art form in an online class format instead of just giving them manuals. I think the basics are taught in a much better fashion through video. Once you have the basics then you can move on to books and manuals. I have several books on Amazon that will teach you more Zentangle patterns.

Zentangle Art serves different purposes for different age groups. For kids, it helps them develop their motor skills as well as their creative sense. The joy they feel when they finish a tile and see what they’ve created is amazing to watch! This is also a great way to get kids away from smart devices and working with pen and paper. For adults it helps them to feel relaxed and calm. The sense of achievement that comes from learning this art is something that is common to all age groups. You can make your Zentangle patterns printable and use them as coloring pages as well.

Using your imagination, you can also come up with Zentangle patterns or tangles on your own. Many Certified Zentangle Teachers from all over the world have created their own tangles. You can find 80 of these tangles in my book Around the World in 80 Tangles, which is available on Amazon. Once you’ve taken this basic course you will be good to go and can progress to the more intricate tangles. There are so many kinds of tangles, some are organic and more botanical in nature while some are very geometric. Some are light and some are bold. You can have so much fun mixing and matching these and creating your own art.

I’m sure you will find your own favorite tangles as you learn more and more about the Zentangle art form. Once you’re done with the course and create your own masterpieces it will be almost impossible for you to tell that you started with simple dots, lines and curves.

Here are some short clips and images from the CLASS
You’ll get instant access!

The Lesson Plan
In this mini class we’ll start from scratch.

  • I’ll go over all the basic rules of Zentangle with you.

  • I’ll show you what a tile is and how you can make your own. I’ll also show you what strings are and all the different kinds you can use in your tiles. We’ll go over all the supplies needed to tangle and why good quality supplies are essential.

  • I’ll then start showing you several different tangles in real time so that you can follow along.

  • Next up we will start adding shading to our tangles to really make them pop. It really isn’t as difficult as it looks and I’ll show you how to shade several tangles.

  • You’ll learn to use different tangles to create a beautiful tile.

  • We will also make some fun Zentangle inspired projects in this class to finish up!


Why an Online Class ?

  • If you want to learn how to tangle and what Zentangle is all about then this is the perfect class for you!

  • You will learn o create several different tangles and learn the skills to tackle new ones on your own.

  • Online courses are so much fun because you can learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. May we suggest a tasty beverage and pajamas? Perhaps on your favorite chair? Or even in your studio at our craft table? You can take online classes anywhere you want!

  • You also have lifetime access to the video course and can come back to watch it and rewatch it anytime you want.

  • You can ask as many questions as you want on the course page and I will always do my best to answer your questions as best as I can.

  • Join a fun community of makers and creators and share your work and learn from others!

  • In this course you will have access to a video class that will walk you through ll the steps of the Zentangle art form as well as several tangle patterns.


Tips and Tricks You'll Learn!

  • Learn how to make your own memory book from scratch. In this course you’ll learn:

  • All about Zentangle tiles and strings

  • All about the supplies you need to start and where you can find them

  • How to create different kinds of strings

  • How to draw different types of tangles through video tutorials

  • How to add shading to different kinds of tangles

  • How to put different tangles together on a tile to create a piece of art

  • How to read and follow tangle step-outs.

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