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Make your own Vision Planner

Learn the art of making artisitc vision planner!

Join 1000’s of happy students who have taken the workshop!

Make your own Vision Planner

Making your own vision board planner is a compelling way of influencing your mind and actions. This video class on vision board planners serves manifold purposes. We all have dreams and goals that are passed over for more urgent things because we have not planned them properly. This course will teach you to make a wonderful vision board planner for 2021 and as a bonus, it will give you some time for doing joyful art.

Though we have lots of options available for buying vision planners online, making your own vision planner with your own creative spirit, imagination, and artistic skills shining through is a joy all its own. You get attached to your planner emotionally and channel good vibes into it and obviously you love it more. You can decorate your vision board art journal using your favorite art practices. One amazing thing about making a vision planner is that you can incorporate everything you love. You can try everything in your vision planner art journal.


What is a Vision Planner?

A vision planner board planner is a visual representation of all your tasks, goals, and dreams. When designing a vision board, you write, plan, and cut and paste images of your dream life into your art journal/planner. The visual aspect of the plans becomes more important to you and you actually love doing the small tasks that lead to the big goals. Your mind influences you to do stuff that you see on a daily basis.



About the Video Class

The vision board planner art journal class teaches you fun ways to design your own planner. I always try to create DIY tutorials that are light on the pocket and use things that are found around your craft room. You will learn how to design a vision board/art journal/planner on a budget and implement amazing ideas to decorate the planner. When you follow the video tutorials and make your own planner, you will love putting all your ideas into action. You will enjoy it very much!

There are so many different planners available. From Erin Condren to the Happy Planner, from Kate Spade to the bloom vision planner, and many many versions available on Etsy. But making your own planner gives you the ultimate happiness and joy. The vision planner class covers making a to-do/goal/dream list, a calendar, putting fun things in your planner and designing it using things you already have in your craft stash.

In the video class, you will be able to:

  • Set your goals and make a vision planner using them

  • Design your planner so it is uniquely you

  • Learn to use simple collage techniques and accessories to decorate your planner

  • Present your goals in a visual form

  • Take small but continuous steps to achieve your goals

  • Acknowledge the accomplishments of your goals

I hope you will join me in this class and join me in making your own vision planner. I have tried to cover each and every aspect of creating this planner and we will start with the very basics. The purpose of this course is to bring your dreams into the forefront so you can give colors to your goals and most importantly your future.

Steps to Make Vision Board Planner

This section gives you a brief overview of steps that you can follow to make your own vision board art journal. All of these stages are covered in great detail in the video class.

1. Determine the goals you want to achieve and the vision of the life you want to live

We will start by exploring what you want. Figure out your desires and dreams you want to make a reality. Find out what makes you happy, draft the goals you want to achieve by the end of the month or year, write down skills you want to learn and using questions and prompts like these we will create a blueprint of our vision.

2. Gather Materials

You can use anything that is available to you. From markers and pens to ribbons, patterned paper, ephemera, photos, old magazines, paint – you can use whatever your heart desires. Get a journal or like I have in the class, a binder. Remember expensive stuff does not always add to your finished art. You can shop sales and dig into your stash and use these items to create a beautiful planner.

3. Think of the Usage

Figure out how you want to use your planner. Do you want to have daily pages? A section for an art journal? A dashboard?

4. Start Designing

Plan your planner out on paper first. All the different sections and dividers that you want to add. I love using collage techniques to create my dividers. Add printables, dashboards, stick on pockets and anything else you feel you will need. I find planning on paper helps me not overlook certain aspects of what I need. Take your time with this exercise.

5. Use it!

Add a collage of your dreams to the planner, make a list for your goals, make a monthly to-do list, create daily action plans. Use this planner as much as you can. Look over all the visual clues you have created for yourself. Remember this art journal/planner/vision board is for you.

Join my video class to create your own planner step-by-step with me and learn fun tips and tricks that you can incorporate in other projects also. Can’t wait to see you inside!

Here are some short clips and images from the class
You’ll get instant access!

The Lesson Plan
In this video class we’ll start from scratch.

  • First we will create a collage cover for your vision planner

  • First we will create a collage cover for your vision planner

  • After the planner cover is created we will move on to the inside pages. We will create a vision book section for your planner using scrapbook paper and I’ll walk you through how I create my vision layouts using images and embellishments.

  • We will also create a fun shaker pocket using plastic packaging and no fancy tools at all!

  • Next up we will create some positive quote cards for the front insode cover of the vision board planner to keep the positivity going every day!

  • I will also show you what planner supplies I keep in my small planner pouch so that I can plan anywhere.

  • We will also make some fun planner accessories like planner clips and planner charms for our vision board planner.

  • I will also show you what planner supplies I keep in my small planner pouch so that I can plan anywhere.


Why an Online Class ?

  • If you want to learn how to make a planner using simple supplies then this is the perfect class for you.

  • You will learn how to turn simple A5 folder into a beautiful planner that you can use to set goals with soul.

  • Online courses are so much fun because you can learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. May we suggest a tasty beverage and pajamas? Perhaps on your favorite chair? Or even in your studio at our craft table? You can take online classes anywhere you want!

  • You also have lifetime access to the video course and can come back to watch it and rewatch it anytime you want.

  • You can ask as many questions as you want on the course page and I will always do my best to answer your questions as best as I can.

  • Join a fun community of makers and creators and share your work and learn from others!

  • In this course you will have access to a series of video classes that will walk you through all the different steps for creating your planner – from the planner cover to the inside pages and more!


Tips and Tricks You'll Learn!

  • Learn how to make your own fun vision planner!

  • To create our own vision planner

  • To reate a vision board section in your planner and creating vision layouts

  • How to create your own shaker pockets

  • How to create inspirational quote cards to display in your planner

  • The supplies you need to keep in your planner pouch to plan on the go

  • How to create planner accessories like clips and charms

  • How to make a handmade lanner that is just right for you!

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