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Zentangle 101 – Exploring Tangles and Tiles with MZ

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I discovered Zentangle a few years ago and after playing around with it and falling in love I decided to go to Rhode Island for the formal training program held by Rick and Maria, the founders and inventors of the Zentangle method.

There I learnt even more about this awesome fun to do art form and haven’t looked back since then. One of my favorite things about Zentangle is the tools needed – there are very few things you need to start. Emphasis is placed on quality over quantity, so you need a little bit of paper, a pen and a pencil, but you need to use good quality paper and a micron 01 pen is recommended.

For someone who is a green crafter and a frugal person, at first the supplies felt a little extravagant and so I tried to do the same on cheaper paper and with cheaper pens. After seeing the difference for myself I decided that for Zentangle the best supplies do actually mean work that is of a better quality and considering how little you really need – the tiles are about 4 inches square and the pens go a loooooooong way – it seemed that good Zentangle tiles and micron pens were the way to go.

In this episode of Elevenses with MZ I’m going to give you a quick intro to the Zentangle method and show you some fun and easy tangles. If you feel like you’re enjoying this and would like to learn more I have a video course available here. The book I’m showing in this video is The Zentangle Sourcebook.

As always do leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of the episode and if you will be giving tangles a try. If you enjoyed this video please subscribe to my YouTube channel MZ Creates so you never miss an episode of this fun artsy show.

Hoping you’re having an awesome week,


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