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What can you make with Acrylic Skins?!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The simple answer is – A LOT! Acrylic skins are so versatile and durable!

In the last episode of Elevenses with MZ I showed you how to do some basic acrylic paint pours. While we were creating all that colorful magic, a lot of the acrylic paint was dripping off the canvas and onto the plastic trays I was using. The paint was behaving the same way as it was on the canvas since all the same chemicals were added to it. The fun thing was that pour after pour was making the acrylic paint mess left behind more and more interesting. I couldn’t throw it away and so I let is dry. Took three whole days in really hot weather but finally it dried and became like a sheet of plastic and I had a beautiful acrylic skin!

That is what I’m using in this episode. The acrylic skin and some paper and book covers from Zutter to create a beautiful little book. I’m going to use this book to practice my Zentangle art since the pages in this book and super close to the size of an actual tile. (If you want to learn more about Zentangle – see the episode here.)

You can create these books for pretty much anything – from stocking stuffers at Christmas to Teacher’s gifts and even party takeaways. The same technique for creating books can be used with cloth and other scrapbook paper. You can also add embellishments to your cover if you want to. I kept mine simple because I want to throw it into my bag and don’t want anything to catch in the mess inside.

So let me know what you think of this super fun and simple project by leaving me a comment below. Do subscribe to my YouTube channel here because on Tuesday we’re going to take these skins and turn them into beautiful pendants!

See you next time!



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