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The Pampered Traveler and a Gift Basket- DIY December

I love traveling and I almost always do it on a budget. I love looking for bargains while I’m traveling, whether it’s shopping or tours, or other economical ways of making the trip more fun.

One of the things I’ve started doing is traveling with a little self-care kit to pamper myself while I’m on vacation. It has really helped me relax a bit more and have a lot more fun on a trip. I thought I would share some of the things I travel with in this blog post.

  1. A Book – I always take along a book that I’ve been wanting to read. You’ll always find time to read, on a plane or in a train.

  2. Face Masks – I love buying face masks but I hardly ever take the time out to use them while I’m at home. A trip is the perfect excuse for me to pamper myself and I take along a couple of single use masks to use while traveling.

  3. Hand Cream – A hand cream is a must. I take my most luxurious one with me on trips.

  4. Bath Salts – I don’t have a bath tub at home and I never have the time for long baths anyway. So my bath salts travel with me and I make sure I make the time to have at least one long hot relaxing bath as most hotels do have bathtubs.

  5. A Lavender Pillow Mist – I absolutely love these and they make pillows and linen smell fresh and luxurious.

  6. Plush Slippers – I like wearing some kind of slippers in a hotel room and taking along my own just makes me feel way more comfortable.

  7. Snacks – For all those midnight cravings! Try and take along a few snacks so that you don’t have to go looking for them in a new city as soon as you land.

  8. A Journal – I always travel with a journal! I love recording my adventures and having a place to save little souvenirs and ephemera.

Since this blog post is part of DIY December I thought I would give you a little gift idea for your traveler friends.

Bundle all the above in a box or basket and add a little note saying: “For my favorite Traveler. Here’s hoping 2020 brings loads of fun adventures!”. And there you have it! The perfect little gift.

A lot of the things in the list above can be found at the dollar tree and you’ll be able to create a really fun gift on a small budget!

Is there anything specific you like to travel with? Please share your suggestions with me in the comments below!

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