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The Botanical Tangles Field Guide - A Free Download and Project Video

It's been so exciting following the progress of the latest Zentangle project pack. All the gorgeousness that I've seen on social media really made me want to create a mini vintage field guide that we could all print, create and share!

So I created a template and a field guide cover.

You can download your PDF here. And if you want to see a video of how I bound my pages into books you can view the video here.

In this post I want to share how I printed my pages.

  1. After you download the PDF using the link sent to your email open up the file. You will see 3 pages. The two shown above and one with a double spread like below.

2. I like using the template with the double print and I print on watercolor paper that measures 7 by 10 inches. This allows me to create a bound book that is 5 by 7 inches.

3. If you want to make a ring bound book all you have to do is cut the page down the middle. You can choose to have a single sided or double sided print.

4. When you choose to print the PDF make sure you select the page you want to print. For instance you may just want to print 30 copies of the double spread. If you print the whole PDF 30 times you will have 30 covers and 30 single pages also.

5. I have also shared the single pages so that if you want a larger sketchbook you can just print them on A4 watercolor paper. Or if you want a teeny tiny guide you can use the single page and choose to print 4 images per page. These are all setting you will see in your printer interface. Example of mine shown below.

Here are some pictures of my finished guides! The link to the video is here and the download page here. I really hope you enjoy this project as much as I have!

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