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Simple Watercolor Cards

Simple Watercolor Cards

I’ve been playing around with my art supplies this weekend and really wanted to do something with watercolors. I find the internet is an amazing resource when you’re stuck for practice ideas. So after a bit of browsing I found a watercolor card I really liked and I wanted to create one myself.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately especially when it comes to watercolors. So this was the perfect icebreaker. Hopefully my watercolors and I will now meet each other more often.

I have illustrated the whole project with the help of images. 

card making
card making

card making
card making
card making
  1. I blocked off a strip of watercolor paper using some Washi tape.

  2. I painted some candles in fun vibrant colors.

  3. I added some designs on top in slightly darker colors.

  4. Painted on the flames.

  5. Cut the image out.

  6. Added some hand lettering.

  7. Adhered the image to a folded handmade paper card so that the candles stuck out.

  8. Finished with some black Washi tape.

If you’re in a creative funk try and get out of it by doing something simple. Try drawing or painting an image you’ve seen. It will get you back into your creative groove.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week!


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