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Simple and Easy December Daily Spreads – DIY December

I have started journaling a lot these past two-three years. I guess I started again because I was kind of going through a lot emotionally and the journal pages gave me a place to escape. I’ve also always loved playing with stickers. Ever since I was a little girl. Lately though I started noticing that there was less creating and more hoarding. I was finding it hard to use up stuff I had accumulated.

Thats’s when I put my foot down – basically told myself to grow up while allowing myself to play with my stickers 🙂 – and decided I would use all my pretty things for my December Daily. Journaling had helped me through so much and still does. It helps me clear my head. Gives me a place to say things without ever having to worry that I’ll have to un-say them. The journal hardly judges me or gets hurt. The pages deserve to be pretty. Even if I am the only one who ever gets to see them.

I thought this December I would share this revelation of mine with you. It’s hard to use up all the pretty things in your stash sometimes. I tend to wait for the perfect project that I can share with everyone. My journal pages are not at all something I can do that with. But you know what? I’m worth it and so are my thoughts. I’m working through this mental block and boy does it feel good to just go to town with the journalling cards, washiest tape and stickers!

Here are a few spreads I did. Nothing fancy at all! Just using up my little stickers, washiest tapes and some journaling quite cards. I love stocking up on these and then using them in my planners and journals.

*ProTip* Get Project Life cards from Tuesday Morning. You get a LOT of them for not every much money and usually there are multiples  and somehow that makes it so much easier for me to use them.

I hope this will inspire you to use up what you have, for you!

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