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Simple and Easy Bullet Journal Layouts

I’m sorry for being MIA these past few weeks. Life has a way of taking us by surprise and I’ve realized that this past month. Someone very close to me suddenly took ill and passed on from this world. Needless to say it left me quite shocked but also with a new found appreciation for every day that we are given and every beautiful thing that we see. We spend so much time and effort complaining about what we don’t have or chasing after new goals that we lose track of the beauty around us and all the wonderful things that we have been blessed with.

I am going to try and change this about myself – chasing after the next goal without taking the time to appreciate what has been achieved and enjoying the journey. That also means taking more time to create in my beautiful studio space and to create and paint without an end goal in mind. Sometimes just create for the sake of creating and not worry about the end result! Just writing these words makes me feel refreshed.

Today I am back with a short video on how to create some fun and functional bullet journal layouts. You can add these to any kind of planner or notebook and all you need is a pen and a few markers. I’m using a dollar store gel pen and some Midliners in this video. You can add as many embellishments and doodles as you want. I love adding stickers and washi tape to mine.

Do you like to plan? please share your favorite planner tips with me in the comments below!

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