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Ribbon Ornaments and Glittered Pinecones – DIY December

A tree needs lots and lots and lots of ornaments. I’m going for a Merry and Bright theme this year for my tree and tablescape. Over the next few weeks you will find lots of fun DIYs here so stay tuned!

Today I’m sharing a couple of happy and colorful ornament ideas. Both are super simple to do. For the first one I’m using styrofoam balls. These are easily found at any craft store or the Dollar Tree. The other thing we need is lots and lots of ribbon scraps and some glue. The ribbon scraps need to be long enough to go around the ball once.

As always I feel pictures are worth a thousand words and the gallery below will show you all the steps. The color scheme you choose for this project can totally match your theme. Use shades of one color, go with traditional red, green and gold or even just white and gold. Totally up to you.

I started wrapping my ball up in ribbon scraps and secured each ribbon with glue before moving on.

To finish the ornament I used some ribbon scraps and tied them up together. I then attached that to the top of the ornament. I even added some pom moms to some.

That’s it! Super simple and another kid friendly DIY for dressing up your tree. I also love the fact that I got to use up some ribbon scraps.

For the second ornament DIY I just used some pinecones, paint and glitter. I painted the cones using my theme colors. I used normal acrylic paints. Then I let them dry. Next up I put some glue on the edges and dipped the cone in some glitter. All done and ready for the tree! I’m going to use some ribbon loops or ornament hooks to secure them to the tree.

I can’t wait to start dressing up my tree this Christmas.  Stay tuned for a blog post about the different kinds or ornaments I’m going to use this year. This is my first time doing a themed tree so I am very very excited!

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