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Painting my Traveler’s Notebook

I love planners of all kinds and I like to recycle as many things as possible. So when I pulled out my old Webster’s Pages traveler’s notebook and saw the cream cover with scuff marks and dents, I decided to bring out my acrylic paints.

I’ve never painted a faux leather notebook before and true to my reckless personality the first time I attempted it was on camera :). But that really is the spirit of these craft videos – I don’t want to edit any of the mistakes I make or the disasters that happen while I’m creating because I feel that gives you the best peek into my creative process and also let’s you see that magic is not made all the time. Also sometimes my biggest mistakes turn into my best projects and I want to capture that for you in real time on camera.

So here is my video. All you need for this project is an old faux leather traveler’s notebook, some acrylic paint and brushes. Let’s begin!

If you enjoyed this video please do give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel on YouTube! The next few videos are ones you don’t want to miss as I am planning on taking a trip and am making a travel journal to take with me!

#acrylicpainting #artjournal

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