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Painted Ornaments – DIY December

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and I can almost hear the wonderful holiday music all around me. I’m one of those people for whom Christmas just cannot come early enough! I start my planning my DIYs as early as November. So over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing all the projects that I have planned for my home with you. I’m planning on setting up a Merry and Bright themed Christmas tree, a table scape for all the parties and a Christmas Village scene as well!

The ornaments that I am sharing with you today are for the tree and they are very merry and very bright. I have seen several versions of these all over the internet and thought they would be a perfect fit for my tree this year. You can customize the colors any way you want. You can choose shades of one color family or just go with metallics. The customization is totally up to you.

The process is super duper simple but time consuming. Since these ornaments are built up on layers you have to give them time to dry in the middle. Otherwise you’ll end up with a muddy mess.

While I was making these ornaments there were several stages where I got a little anxious. I thought the ornaments were not looking good at all. But I kept going and ended up with something I really loved in the end. I would advise you to have a color scheme ready and also start with dark colors and go up to light ones.

I thought the best possible tutorial for this project would be images of what my ornaments looked like after each layer of paint. That is what the picture gallery below will show you. This way you will know which colors I used if you want to make the exact same ornaments. It will also show you the sequence I followed.

I used ornaments that opened up in the center and so I was able to lay them flat. That was a huge help! You can also use ornaments that are clear, plastic or glass and are circular. These are easily available at the dollar tree. The only other things you need are acrylic paints, a brush and some ribbon.

After I finished the ornaments and they were dry I put them together and threaded some ribbon through the top. I tied it into a bow and that’s it! They are ready for the tree.

This is also a great project to do with kids this December! I’ll share a picture of these on the tree in my upcoming Christmas Tyree decor post, so stay tuned!

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