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My Idea Wall

My Idea Wall

I love to make the spaces I work in feel inspirational. That is why my office walls are never empty. I fill them up with wall art, color, inspirational quotes and more. And I like to keep changing them around.

Recently I was looking for a fun way to display my whiteboards and bulletin boards. I work on several projects at a time and it’s useful to have separate spaces for them instead of one board. I wanted to have a large black page on my wall that had boxes for different projects.

So this is what I did.


I put them up on my wall making sure the whiteboards were arranged in a way that made them easy to write on. So not too high or too low. In the middle I added small decor pieces. These are all wooden frames with artificial flowers stuck inside. 

All in all I am very happy with my wall. What do you think?


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