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My December Daily Setup – Video 3

This is the last video and blog post in my December Daily Setup series and I hope you’ve enjoyed the first two blog posts and are using the ideas to create your own wonderful journals and planners for December.

Like I have mentioned earlier I really want to use December this year as a way to gain momentum for the New Year and for January. I am going to be doing the She Means Business 28 day challenge and I will be doing my own version on 52 lists, as well as a creativity and cleaning challenge. I wanted to practice taking action in all aspects of my life – business, creativity and home and I hope that this planner will help me do that.

This video is a simple one featuring a couple of my bullet journal type layouts for the month. I am using different types of pens and lettering styles to create my headings. You can watch the video that goes over the Monthly Spread and Habit Tracker below. More pictures of my other spreads follow right after the main video.

You can watch the 1st and 2nd videos in the series here and here.

I would love to know what you’re doing to make December a fun month for you. Leave me your December Daily tips and tricks in the comments below.

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