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May Plan with Me Video!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Yay! May is here! A new month comes with a blank slate and so many new possibilities. I love the New Year, the new month, a new notebook because for me they all represent the magic of what can be. In this episode of Elevenses with MZ (I am SO sorry about missing the last one) we will go over some of my favorite layouts that I make in my bullet journal. The best thing is that this episode comes with fun free printables! So plan with me and get organized for May.

In this video I show you a few layouts: 1. My Inspirational Layout that doubles up as a divider for the new month 2. A New Month at a Glance Spread 3. Habit Tracker Spread 4. Fun Things to do Layout 5. My absolute favorite – The Brain Dump! I need to do this every so often because my brain is always full of a 100 things I need to do and this is the best way to deal with overwhelm!

Here is the episode:

And here are the pictures of the finished layouts:

And the printables I promised you can be downloaded by right clicking and using the Save As function.

Monthly tracker

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