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How to Use Coloring Pages in Craft Projects

I’m a huge fan of any kind of activity book. So when the coloring book craze hit I got swept up in it too. My only regret was that the beautiful pages were left inside a book and there was no way to share them with family and friends. So I came up with a few ideas on how to use coloring pages in other craft projects. This episode of Elevenses with MZ is all about ideas and how to bring your coloring pages outside your coloring books and into some fun craft projects.

There are so many things you can do! From using your pages in art journals and bullet journals, using them to create spreads in planners to making cards and even embellishments for other paper crafting projects.

I also use different coloring mediums on one coloring page since I am a big fan of mixed media art. At times I also bring in some other embellishments like sequins and laces to add some 3D glamour to my coloring.

I hope this episode gives you some fun ideas on how to bring your coloring pages to life! In my next episode I will share a cute little book that I made using these pages as embellishments so subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss that episode!

Till next time!


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