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DIY Stamps and Printed Paper

As you may know by now I absolutely love using things from my recycling bin and I’ve been wanting to dry this DIY for a long time now. All you need are a few old boxes, some polystyrene cubes and circles and some old mint tins. To make the stamp designs you will need some funky foam. I am using the sticky kind in this project it makes the whole process much easier.

In this video I will show you how to upcycle containers into handmade stamps. Then we will use some of these fun stamps and create fun paper sheets. I like using hand printed paper for a number of things. From collage backgrounds, to decoupage, mixed media projects to journals. There is so much you can do with paper you’ve printed.

You can also use these same stamps on your gelli plate and create your own monoprints. If you want to make your own gelli plate using kitchen items you should get my Kindle book: A Gelli Printing Adventure. In the book I teach you how to make your own gelli plate and printing plates! The book also contains many projects made using the printed paper!

I hope you enjoy this episode! I’ll see you next time with another fun DIY from my craft studio renovation.

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