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DIY Himmeli Fun with MZ

I’ve been dying to try out Himmeli hangings and decor for a while now. I’ve been collecting paper straws and pom-poms and many designs on Pinterest for months. So I thought that I would finally give these delightful DIY decor project a try and that is what we do in this episode of Elevenses with MZ.

If you don’t already know, Elevenses with MZ is my new arts and crafts video show that airs every Tuesday and Saturday at 11:00am CST on YouTube and I also share it here on my blog along with any other resources and downloads. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here so that you’re notified when a new episode is released. It’ll be so much fun to have you following along my crafty adventures.

Himmeli is super fun to make and easy too. The designs you can try range from easy ones to complex constructions. You can find a lot of different designs and ways to do Himmeli online. In this episode I’ve tried to keep things simple and I show you how to vary the shape of your project by using the same technique but different lengths of paper straw.

The materials needed are super simple. You need paper straws and pom poms. These can be found at the Dollar store, Daiso and even the Target Dollar Spot. A large needle and some strong thread. That is it!

These hangings are SO versatile. You can use them as hangings in your office, or you can make a mobile for a nursery, these will also look awesome when used in party backdrops and even as props while taking photos at your next event!

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