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Artists in Residence – Hannah Geddes from London, UK

Meet Hannah! She is a wonderful artist I connected with due to our mutual love of creating and Zentangle. I got in touch with Hannah to see how she was coping with the pandemic and what she was doing with her time.

She’s a Certified Zentangle teacher based just outside London and teaches a variety of mindful and meditative arts & craft classes in the UK and Malta. She focuses on Zentangle and Mandala arts which are easy to learn and loves that anyone can create beautiful pieces of art and get the calming relaxing benefits. She works Tangledweb Creations where you can find products to assist with Zentangle and mandala arts for those with dexterity issues along with products for storage and display and accessories.

Q. Is there anything you’ve learnt about yourself during this current lockdown?

Yes, The lockdown has reinforced my need to have crafting in my life. It’s helped with any anxiety or stress I’ve been feeling during this time.

Q. In what way have you grown?

I have learnt more techniques and ways to use different methods across different arts & crafts.

Q. What has been your biggest frustration?

Not being able to teach, interact with my students and see their joy on completion of the class.

Q. How has art helped you to cope? What activities do you do?

Art has played a vital role for me during lockdown. I have been able to create on a daily basis without feeling guilty or affecting my normal daily chores. I have been filming daily mini Zentangle sessions as well as making several card sets, gifts, book marks, revamping an old box and a set of trays using decoupage, hand drawn ceramic tiles and acrylic paints.

Hannah has shared a wonderful creative project with us! The videos are detailed and so have been filmed in three parts, all of which are linked below. Please share your creations with us in the comments!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Q. Do you have any rituals our routines that you have stuck with?

I have been enjoying reading for an hour each day as well as walking a mile on the treadmill.

Q. What is an activity you suggest folks do at this time?

Check out my daily mini Zentangle sessions on You Tube. “Hannah Geddes CZT Tangledweb Creations”.

Q. A kind act you’ve witnessed during the lockdown?

My neighbourhood has been very involved with helping each other either with shopping and delivering, mowing the lawns to celebrating VE out the front of the houses.

Q. Biggest takeaway from the quarantine to date?

To take time for myself & learn new techniques.

Q. Favorite thing you’re eating? 

I have learnt to make my own gluten free sweet potato fries.

Q. How are you staying in touch with loved ones?

My parents have finally learnt how to use FaceTime and WhatsApp so we have been able to keep in touch face to face.

If you want to see more of Hannah’s work you can use the links below:

Website details:-

Facebook:- Tangledweb Creations

Instagram:- Tangledweb Creations and Zentagle_artist.

How are you spending time at home? Share your tips and tricks to make this time at home, happy and positive.

Stay Safe,


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