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Artists in Residence – Athanasia Papantoniou from Larisa, Greece

The Artists in Residence video and blog series is a look into the quarantined lives of artists and creatives all over the world! The interview questions offer an insight into how different people from all over the world are coping with the current Covid-19 pandemic. Each artist also shares a fun little project you can do at home. This episode of the series features Athanasia Papantoniou, from Larisa, Greece.

Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Athanasia which means Immortality in Greek.

I’m a music teacher in elementary school and as a musician I love all kinds of arts. When I am not playing the piano, I find myself at my scrappy desk making art journal pages, canvases, tags, altering things, sewing and more. I get inspiration from almost everything like colors, nature, flavors and smells and of course my music.

I love the limitless choices & combinations of mixed media techniques, not only with memories of my life & my family, but also with emotions & ideas that I have in my head & want desperately to express! I enjoy making videos and I hope I will inspire you with my projects!

Q. Is there anything you’ve learnt about yourself during this current lockdown?

During lockdown I found my lost creativity and plenty of time to occur it in many different projects and techniques. I always try to see things of the positive perspective and during this period found the opportunity to prove myself I can do it.

Q. In what way have you grown?

I actually celebrated my birthday during lockdown, so I’m one year grown older and wiser – hopefully:)

Q. What has been your biggest frustration?

I didn’t feel frustrated at all as I was with my family 24 hours a day. My kids were so excited that we  were all together spending our time crafting, playing game boards, reading and having fun.

Q. How has art helped you to cope? What activities do you do?

I had plenty of time daily to catch up with my journals and got so excited that I managed to finish two of them. I even found the time to make new videos for my You Tube channel after a whole year.

I also made lots of house decor crafts and hacks using my crafty supplies, learned on You Tube how to crocket and made 3 pillows (one of them I gifted to my mom).

Q. Do you have any rituals our routines that you have stuck with?

I have many plants inside and outside my house and I really enjoy taking care of them. One of the things I mostly enjoy doing is propagating my plants. I love putting cuttings in jars and checking the growing roots every day. When the time comes I like to make plant arrangements in pots.

Q. What is the one activity you suggest folks do at this time? Could be link to a video – a podcast – a recipe – anything you like.

I love watching on You Tube DIY house decors, room makeovers and furniture hacks. My favorite channel is Lone Fox. During lockdown I rearranged my living room and kids room and made lots of diy hacks.

Q. A kind act you’ve witnessed during the lockdown?

The respect not only for the personal health but also for the health of the fellow citizen.

Q. Resource recommendation – tv series – book – music

I like listening music on online radio while crafting. We also had family movie nights and  watched lots of new movies. We enjoyed very much ‘Maleficent 2″ and “Sonic”.

Here is Athanasia’s beautiful art journal page tutorial!

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