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Acrylic Paint Pouring for Beginners

I fell in love with Acrylic Paint Pouring the first time I saw some artists post videos on YouTube and Instagram! Playing with paint has really never been so much fun. Granted it takes a little bit of experimentation and trial and error to get your mixtures right but it is so worth it andfun too!

In this episode I will share some of the basics of acrylic paint pouring with you. I am not going to stick to any formulas and recipes, instead I am just going to play and urge you to do the same the first time you try paint pouring.

The resulting prints were amazing, OK and terrible! And in my video I share them all with you. Terrible pours are fine too! The worst that happens is that you waste some paint, you can always pour on that canvas again or use it as the base for a mixed media project. So really, other than losing a bit of paint you can’t do much damage.

I suggest working in a well ventilated area as the smell of the silicone can get a bit much. I also recommend using plastic trays like I did. It makes the eventual clean up much easier.

All you need for starting with paint pouring is acrylic craft paints, some plastic cups, a canvas or board base, silicone, Floetrol as the pouring medium and some popsicle sticks to stir the paint.

That’s it!

Here’s the episode!

And here are close ups of some of my prints. These will change a little over the next 24 hours and I will share updated pictures on my Instagram @mzcreates!

If you enjoyed this episode please do follow me on YouTube and give this video a thumbs up. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram @mzcreates and leave me a comment below if you have any questions!

Till next time!

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