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A Travel Journaling Kit – DIY December

Are you using the winter holidays to get away? If so, take a small travel journaling kit with you and create on the go. I love documenting my travels while I’m still on the road. It makes it easy to remember and note down all the wonderful moments. Usually by the time I come home there are so many things that have happened and so much to remember that I am bound to forget something.

I also try to incorporate materials found on the road into my journals. Things like brochures, images and fun souvenirs. I come back home and add some pictures and I’m done.

This also helps me to make sure I complete the travel diary/scrapbook. Otherwise all the ephemera and memorabilia is usually left forgotten.

I’m off to Turkey for a 10 day break and I am so excited about that! I am going to be traveling to Antalya and Istanbul. Here is the mini traveling kit I will be taking with me. I made a video explaining my kit for you and you can watch it below:

If you want to follow my travels make sure and follow me on Instagram @mzcreates!

Leave me a comment if you think I’m missing anything – other than scissors and glue – I forgot to mention those in the video but I will be taking them with me!

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