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A Travel Journal Part 4

Here I am! Back again with the fourth video in this series. I love how this series has come together like a mini class taking you from the beginning to the end. These videos all focus on turning a simple paper sample book into a travel journal. I created the cover and then worked my way through the interior and today I will show you the last part of the book.

In this video we are experimenting with some fun spray techniques using modelling paste and stencils. I’m using home made spray inks (and teach you how to do that in my book – The Mixed Media Cookbook – coming to Amazon Kindle soon for just $2.99) but you can use any kind of spray inks you have.

I teach you how to create texture using modelling paste and spray inks and also how you can incorporate fun stencil patterns into your travel book backgrounds.

The fun thing about these videos is that you can use these techniques in your travel journal, art journal, scrapbook, mixed media art and smashbook. The techniques are super versatile and a lot of fun. We are also focusing on having a lot of fun and not stressing about achieving perfection. In my opinion perfection doesn’t exist and also these are just the backgrounds for a fun travel adventure.

I am so excited to have this book done. In the next video I will walk you through what I’m taking with me on my trip to Azerbaijan. I leave tomorrow and couldn’t be more excited! I will share some vlogs of my trip through Facebook and Instagram so follow me there @mzcreates. I will also share more fun videos of how I take my pages to the next level with journalling and memorabilia!

You can find Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of this video series here.

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Till next time!


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