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A Travel Journal Part 1

The summer is officially here and I am thinking of taking some time off for a vacation. It might be a selection of day trips, a weekend getaway or if I’m very lucky a week long break. In any case I will need a travel journal to use as a scrapbook. I love collecting memorabilia, pictures from brochures and printing and pasting my vacation pictures in an actual book.

So many times all our precious memories are left in digital form. I do like to keep a few in actual physical form to enjoy with friends and family.

In this episode of Elevenses of MZ I’m going to show you how I upcylced a Neenah paper sample book into a travel journal. I used acrylic paints to create the base and then added some gold leaf on top. I am so in love with this technique that you will be seeing a few more projects with this look very soon.

You can use this travel journal as a smash book, a scrapbook, a vision book, a journal and so much more. This same technique can also be used to jazz up your planners or notebooks. It will also make awesome gifts for Christmas! The sky is the limit.

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Till next time! Hugs,


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