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A Mini Journal – DIY December

I love using old plastic boxes and paper scraps to make journals like these. These are perfect for using as mini scrapbooks or vacation diaries and make great gifts too!

In this blogpost I will share a video tutorial of this project as well as some images of a couple of books I made and a few ‘finished’ scrapbook pages.

I hope this inspires you to make some fun junk journals of your own to use yourself and gift to crafty friends.

Materials  Plastic Boxes  Paper Scraps  Leftover Embellishments  Little Envelopes  Stamps  Scissors  Glue.

This project has been filmed on video and you can view it here:

Here is another smaller version I did! As I said, this is totally customizable any way you want, so have fun with this project. And do share what you make with me in the comments below!

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