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The Lettering class

Learn the art of creating colorful whimsical letters!

Join 1000’s of happy students who have taken the workshop!

Learn Whimsical Lettering with MZ

I’ve always wanted to have perfect handwriting and in my quest to attain said handwriting I have tried several different kinds of lettering. Brush lettering, calligraphy, and this style of whimsical lettering. I love brush lettering a lot but this kind of whimsical lettering allows me to play more.

There are very few rules and a lot of color and doodling – both things I love to do! This is a super fun and easy-to-learn technique and is perfect for both beginners and advanced artists and crafters. This kind of lettering looks super cool on scrapbook layouts and cards too. If you also love to make your own art journals, decorate your scrapbooks, or cards, lettering is always a must element that adds more fun to your art.

Hand lettering is not very difficult, all you need to do is practice. Start with a little project and then practice it every day in different forms. Colorful and beautifully crafted letters make your art more appealing that makes your journals and art really stand out.

What is Hand Lettering?

Some people think hand lettering is difficult but all you really need is the right marker and paper and some practice. In hand lettering, the letters are formed in a rhythmic fashion, you apply pressure on the downstroke and go lightly on the upstroke. That is all there is to it.

But whimsical lettering is different. There are no hard and fast rules and you can mix and match various different font types together to create something that is truly your own. You can use brush pens, ballpoints, and markers. I’ve also used paint and metallic pigments in some of my lettering. Hand lettering is useful in many art genres. I use my lettering art to create wall art, cards, scrapbook titles and bullet journal layouts.

Hand lettering has many applications and forms. Calligraphy lettering, whimsical lettering and brush lettering are all very popular. We see word art on birthday and wedding cards, art journals, scrapbooks, notebooks, invitations, and social media feeds, everywhere. Hand lettering might seem difficult at first, but it is super easy to learn.

If you like lettering the next step would be to try your hand at calligraphy. Once again all it takes is practicing calligraphy of alphabets and you will be a hand lettering master.

Material Required for Hand Lettering

Hand lettering does not demand any costly materials. All you need to have:

  1. Paper

  2. Pencil

  3. Ruler

  4. Brush pen


With just these four things, you are ready to try different hand lettering styles. With a ruler and pencil, you first make the straight baselines for hand lettering. Once the heights are established it becomes easy to ensure consistency throughout the writing. Choose the appropriate brush pen. The tip of the brush should be of medium length, not too short, not very long. With this, you will be able to draw flowy strokes. This is for traditional brush lettering but in the Lettering Class we are going to throw all rules out the window and just focus on having fun and creating colorful letter art!

About the Lettering Class

The lettering class teaches you fun ways to letter. You do not need to spend much money, just with some markers and paper, you are ready to practice alphabet lettering. Coloring letters, adding doodles and using different art techniques to enhance the beauty of your lettering. So you will learn how to color letters, decorate them, and use them differently.

After this class, you will be able to:

  • Start playing with simple lettering techniques.

  • Decorate the letters and embellish them in different ways.

  • Learn to add doodles and simple art tricks to your letters.

  • Make your own lettering styles.

  • Use your lettering in the titles of scrapbooks and art journals.

  • Draw beautiful captions and quotes on cards and crafts projects.

  • Make a collage wall art piece.

The whimsical lettering class will teach you crazy kinds of lettering techniques with different looks and lots of color. You will learn the use of different lettering tools that are easily available in book shops. We will also explore how you can use paints and other mixed media supplies in your lettering. Explore different types of tools and color shades in the class. Learn how to use stencils and more.

Hand lettering requires lots and lots of practice. The more you play the more you will learn. Hand lettering gives you the freedom to draw a letter whichever way you want so you get to do new experiments with fonts and pen stroke techniques. This video class helps you learn whimsical lettering in a fun and interactive way. Enroll in the course now to learn amazing lettering techniques to add fun to your notebooks, diaries, and art journals.

So whether you’re a card maker or a scrapbooker or an art journaler you will learn a lot in this class and you’ll be able to use what you learn in your crafty pursuits.

I’ll take you through all the basics you need to know on video in real-time and I’ll show you lots of examples and we’ll create fun projects using what you’ve learned too! So let’s get started with lettering online. I’ll see you in the videos!

Here are some short clips and images from the class
You’ll get instant access!

The Lesson Plan
In this video class we’ll start from scratch.

  • In this class I’ll show you how to turn basic into wow!

  • We’ll start with simple letters and then embellish them in several different ways. You’ll play with different line weights and colors too adding an extra dimension to your lettering projects! You can use these techniques in everything from journaling to card making.

  • We will add doodles and embellishments to make your lettering truly whimsical.

  • I’ll also show you how to create your own alphabets that you can use again and again in scrapbook titles, cards and other craft projects.

  • We’ll go over all of the supplies needed but you just need a couple of sharpies and some colored markers to start.

  • At the end of the class I’ll make a collage wall art piece with you to show you this kind of lettering in action.


Why an Online Class ?

  • If you want to turn your handwriting from basic to wow and whimsical this is the perfect online class for you.

  • You will learn several different ways of embellishing your letters to create truly unique looks for use in your arts and crafts projects.

  • Online courses are so much fun because you can learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. May we suggest a tasty beverage and pajamas? Perhaps on your favorite chair? Or even in your studio at our craft table? You can take online classes anywhere you want!

  • You also have lifetime access to the video course and can come back to watch it and rewatch it anytime you want.
    You can ask as many questions as you want on the course page and I will always do my best to answer your questions as best as I can.

  • Join a fun community of makers and creators and share your work and learn from others!

  • In this course you will have access to a video class that will walk you through all the steps of lettering – from the first strokes to the last flourishes!


Tips and Tricks You'll Learn!

  • Learn how to create whimsical and doodled lettering using basic art supplies

  • How to turn basic lettering into whimsical lettering

  • The tools and supplies you need to start and continue lettering

  • How to create your own unique doodled alphabet

  • How to embellish basic letters with doodles, lines and circles

  • How to make your own lettering tools using cardstock

  • Creating cascading and winding words

  • Turning your lettering into beautiful wall art.

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