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The Zentangle Art

  • 7Days
  • 14Steps


Zentangle is a fun and relaxing art form that is easy to learn. If you can draw a line, a circle, and an arc then you can tangle too! Join me in this fun video class as I take you through all the basics you need to learn to tangle. In as little as 30 minutes every day, you’ll learn all about the glorious art of Zentangle! I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher and a true believer in the relaxing nature of the Zentangle art form. I’ve always been scared of drawing and shading and thought that it would take me ages to master something that looks as complex as tangled tiles. To my surprise the three days I spent learning Zentangle from Rick and Maria was all the time I needed to grasp the basics – from then on it was all about getting some practice. In this course, you will also be able to learn all about tangling and we will start at the very beginning. In this Zentangle course, you will be able to learn the unique techniques and methods that turn drawing repetitive patterns into beautifully complex art. Using simple strokes and some tricks, you will be able to learn complex tangles. In a nutshell, the Zentangle art form is a drawing process in which you use different shapes and lines that are all used together to create a complex pattern. You will be amazed to see the results and the magic of working one stroke at a time!

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