Steampunk Treasures Mixed Media Doll

This little upcycled box is the perfect treasure chest for all your found items. The box is very easy to make and can be done in various different themes and would also make a lovely gift box for Christmas, if you’ve started your Christmas crafting ;).

It is super easy to put together and looks exquisite all at the same time. The doll is made using my Mixed Media Doll Stencils! You can learn more about the stencils here.

Read on for the full instructions to make this steampunk treasure box.

What you will need:
1. Some cream card stock scraps.
2. Paper and fabric scraps of various types: I used a maroon and gold color scheme.
3. Ribbon scraps
4. Leftover random embellishments.
5. Mixed Media Doll Stencils
6. Scissors
7. Glue
8. Old Box to be altered
9. 1 sheet of 12 x 12 paper – 1 was enough to cover the box I chose.
10. Small piece of black card stock


Using the mixed media doll stencils cut out the steampunk dress, victorian hairstyle and body of your choice. The body is cut using cream card stock, the hair is black and the dress is done in different papers and fabric.3


Small fabric scraps go a long way when it comes to these doll projects, so be sure to save all your scraps!



Here is what my dress ended up looking like!


Dress and doll both when assembled separately.


I added some small bits of trim to the dress to make the doll look fancier. Dig into your found items box and dress up your doll as much as possible 🙂

Next up we work on the box. As you can see my box used to belong to an MP3 player.


I covered my box in maroon/red paper and the spine in some music paper.


Some black washi tape went a long way in making the edges more finished.


Then came the doll and some more ribbon scraps along the edge.


I finished the box using some rub-ons, flowers and brads. Voila! All done! What do you think?


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