The Memory Fairy – Mixed Media Doll Stencils

This lovely little fairy is made using my mixed media doll stencils. If you want to learn more about them, click here.

This doll serves as a little notepad as well, to capture thoughts and ideas. A wonderful addition to any kitchen or work area!

Here is what you will need:
1. Paper and Card Scraps
2. Mixed Media Doll Stencils
3. Some Wire
4. Small Notepad
5. Some Ribbon and Other Leftover Embellishments
6. Glue
7. Scissors
1. Start with glueing down some patterned paper to card scraps. I usually save my cereal boxes for this. For the body I used cream cardstock.

2. Trace out the doll torso, head, arms and legs using cream card stock and cut the pieces out.


3. Use the colored paper/cereal boxes to cut out the dress of your choice. I used the one you can see in the picture since the skirt seemed big enough to have a tiny little notepad glued on.

4. Use brown or black card stock to cut out a hairstyle.

5. Start with the doll body and glue it together. Next start gluing the dress pieces down using the stencil as a guide for placement. Finally add the hairstyle. I also added some headgear and wings.


18 17 19 20

6. Now take some small pieces of paper and cut them down to the size of your dress skirt. I used a long rectangular shape that ends up looking like a little apron. Decorate the front of your notebook and glue it onto the dress. I tied it with some fiber to add some strength as well.

21 22 23 24 25

7. Next I punched a couple of holes in the wings and added a loop of wire. To add a decorative touch I strung some beads onto the wire as well.


8. Now you can add any other decorative elements like little pieces of ribbon, stickers, flowers, washi tape, gems etc to make your creation your own. I added some large paper beads to the doll arms as bangles. They slip right through and look awesome!

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