How to Plan a Craft Space

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In the last season on Elevenses with MZ we went over some changes I did in my craft area. I showed you my old layout and how I covered an old cabinet with some wrapping paper. Well, the season break gave me time to think and I built upon that plan and expanded it a bit. Throughout this season I will share craft space DIYs with you. I’m going to show you two cabinet makeovers, curtains, cushions, chairs, a TV cabinet, a desk and more!

I’ll start the series with a video on planning and gathering inspiration for your space. Any decor project starts with a floor plan layout for me. I make sure things are where I need them to be and that everything will fit. So measurements are very important.

Next I start moving around my furniture and make sure the plan actually works. Then comes the fun part! Looking for inspiration and then starting work on the DIYs!

This episode goes over the whole planning phase and my inspiration and the materials I’m going to use. From paper to fabric and trim, paint and even stickers.

My inspiration came from the Mackenzie Childs website. In particular these are the pieces I liked.

So with this as my inspiration I started looking for fabric and trims I could use. I chose some paint colors and printed out some checked paper and butterflies.

You can see the whole process in the video below!

Do let me know what you think by leaving a comment and stay tuned for more DIYs.

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