Many are the times I would have class mates tug my sleeve, or elbow me under the table, warning me to stop my doodling in class. This habit continued throughout my Physics classes during A Levels all the way to my Masters in Operations Research at UT Austin. I never stopped. That is because I firmly believed that the doodling was not doing any harm at all. No sirree! Infact it was helping me to focus. As I focused on the doodling and the repetitive patterns the lecture would sink in my brain and settle in. Almost as if without trying to listen I was able to gather more from the lecture than I would if I focused on my professors face and told my brain I MUST listen.

I noticed this again in other creative pursuits as well. When I was going through a tough emotional time or was feeling overwhelmed with life or tasks or endless to-do lists. I would always take some time out to dome some simple card making, or I would journal or just throw paint around on a canvas. The act of creating was and still is a huge part of my life and my coping mechanism.

Doodling has been proven to increase focus – yup there were actual studies about this and now we all have the permission to doodle! In meetings, in lectures, while brainstorming and even while sitting quietly and thinking. Allow doodling to be a part of your life, to help you achieve more focus and rid yourself of overwhelm and stress.

Doodling has a decidly calming influence on our brain. The repetitive patterns help us to focus and retain information and even ‘think’ through problems and come up with solutions. Look at doodling as a time out for your brain, a creative ‘stretching of the brain muscles’. We all need that in our lives.

This Doodling pack – guide, worksheet and prompt cards were developed in an effort to help you relax and de-stress using doodles. If you’ve never lifted a pencil before in your life to doodle, now is the time to go forth my friend and conquer this amazing tool!

The kit is digital and can be printed out by you as and when you need it. You can choose to print the guide in color and the worksheets and cards in black and white. Maybe you would like to keep the guide in your phone for easy reference as well as the cards and just print the worksheets. Whatever makes you happy! It has been designed keeping the on-the-go constantly busy lifestyles of today in ind, so whether you have hours to kill or just time for a 5 minute break you’ll find a worksheet that is perfect for you. You can also complete worksheets in varied sittings. Treat them sort of like your doodle journal, in fact as you can see in the pictures I had a smaller A5 copy bound like a journal.

The tools needed to complete or rather play with these worksheets are minimal. I do go over some of my favorite pens but that is about it. The focus here and in all the courses at the Creative Art Academy is to flex your creative brain muscles and offer some value to you in your life. Whether it is de-stressing, dealing with overwhelm, using journalling as therapy or more. Art is for everybody, in fact art is everybody’s need.

I would love for to be able to carry these sheets and cards with you where you want so that they are present when you need them. If you need to print these worksheets in a smaller size do that, if you want them larger, by all means do that too! They are merely tools to get you started – to give you a starting point so that there is no overwhelm or stress of looking at a blank paper.

The doodles included on the cards and in the guide as inspiration are funa dn easy to replicate. You can also google and find a bajillion other ideas and very soon you’ll be coming up with doodles of you own. I really hope you’re able to use this kit to get yourself unblocked, de-stressed, solve a problem or just have some plain ‘ol doodling fun!

The guide, cards and worksheet are all available for you, free of cost. Just input your email address and name in the form below and we’ll send your Doodle Kit over to you right away!

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The Creative Art Academy is a project super close to my heart. I passionately feel that we were all born with a brain that has a right and a left part. There is no extra and we are not destined to use just one part of it. It may be true that we may be better at using one part over the other but both parts still function and they are both equally important. In my opinion in order to achieve a balance in life one must exercise both parts of the brains. The Creative Art Academy is my effort to bring art and creativity to everyone all over the planet. Just typing these words is sending chills down my spine. I feel so excited to be a part of the world today – in a day and age when we can collaborate and share – me from my small home office in South Asia and you…I don’t know where you are! You could be anywhere! A cafe in France, a library in London, a villa in Italy, a bar in Austin, TX, a university in Boston.

There is one thing that ties us all together though, one common thread, the need to create.