#CountdowntoChristmas Festive DIY Gift Bags

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We’ve all made paper cups when we were younger. These were one of the easiest origami projects we were taught. I even made some to use as cups to drink water from and they held up pretty well! Today we will turn these paper cups into DIY gift bags.

In the spirit of the holiday season we’re going to take this easy origami project and give it a festive twist. Who doesn’t need gift bags in the holiday season? We all do! And making them out of paper cups is both fun and innovative – making your gift stand out from the crowd.

For making these festive DIY gift bags we will need:

  1. Old Wrapping Paper or Patterned Paper
  2. Some Wire
  3. Assorted Beads
  4. Glue or Tape
  5. Ribbon
  6. Hole Punch


Use the image below to create your own paper cups. This is the base for our DIY gift bag. These can be made in varying sizes and the size of the finished cup will depend on the size of the square you start out with. I use recycled gift wrap to make my bags but you can use patterned paper used for scrapbooking and also use new sheets of giftwrap. Try playing with a few squares of different sizes and then choose the ones most convenient to pack your gifts.

The method to make these is super simple and illustrated in the image below.


After you have made your paper cups you might want to use some glue or tape to make sure the folds don’t open up. To make the handles I use a hole punch to create two small holes on both ends on the cup. The then take some wire and thread on some beads. I then thread this wire through the holes and loop the ends to make handles.

You could even use ribbon and string to make your handles if you like.

The possibilities with these cups are infinite – You can use double sided paper to make sure both the inside and outside of your bag look beautiful. You can also cut two squares of the same size and glue both together to make your own double sided paper. I sometimes like to use newspaper for the inside – the print and the patterns look really nice together.

You can use stickers and various other embellishments to dress up your bags.

So what do you think? Will you give these a try?



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  • Cathy Frailey

    Those paper cups are awesome and so easy – why didn’t I think of that?!

  • Sue LD

    These are very clever and very festive.
    My favorite tool is my Tonic guillotine paper cutter.

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