Fabric and Ribbon Scraps Woven Hanging

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My cleaning spree is still underway and I can’t seem to figure out why I have SO many ribbon and fabric scraps! While drowning in the delicious colors, I came up with another fun project that I will share with you today.

I took an old embroidery hoop and used some ribbon to create a web like structure as seen in the picture below. This was easily done by taking the ribbon and looping it over the frame and tying the ends. I repeated this process about seven times.

Then the fun started. I took some ribbon and starting weaving it through the framework. After every two rounds I started going over two strings once so that I could alternate the weaving. This will make more sense once you do the weaving yourself.

I kept adding different colors and knotted the new fabric or ribbon to the old one.

I kept going…and going…till I had this.

I covered the frame with some ribbon glued to the edges and voila!. I had a woven rose hanging.

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