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I love creative kits and have been collecting all sorts of craft kits since I was a little girl. A lot of the skills I learnt and my love of creating came form these kits. The best thing about them is all you have to do is open the box and get started. Everything you need is in the box. Craft Kits are also a great way to try out a new craft or make some time for yourself to exercise your right brain.

I especially like kits that have been developed for kids – these have awesome instructions, are fun and also not very expensive. For some weird reason the same thing packaged for adults is usually more expensive than for kids.

Here are a few of my favourites – will you give them a try?


I have loved spirographs ever since I was a kid. This is an awesome contraption that comes with several discs with grooves on the sides and holes in the disc. It also comes with a frame to move the disc in. It working concept is based on gears. You put your pencil in one of the holes and moves the disc around in the frame. You end up with a beautiful geometric ‘flower’ design.

You can make these in different colors and use your finished ‘flowers’ as embellishments for cards, scrapbook pages and other crafty projects. You can even take a set of plain white notecards and make designs in different colors and you have an entire note card set ready.

This is a fun and easy tool to play with and will give you hours of creative fun!

Paper Making

Paper Making is a fun and very environmentally friendly craft. It is awesome to do with your whole family and is great for getting the kids involved too! I got an Arnold Grummer kit when I was starting paper making and it was an awesome experience. Even though these kits are a little more expensive than the kid version I think they are well worth the money. They are really good quality and last a long long time.

I used my kit to throw a party for my girl friends. We all gathered together with different creative kits and projects and had snacks, chatted and played with each other’s kits. It was great fun!



I have always wanted to learn how to knit and crochet. It’s fascinating to see a ball of yarn turn into something beautiful and useful. That’s why I picked up a crochet kit for myself this holiday season. This is a new craft I want to try. I picked a kid’s version because the instructions are simple to understand and follow.


For those of us who want to learn knitting but are also impatient – these new looms are a total game changer. They are sturdy, easy to operate and really fun to play with. I picked up a set for myself and also got some yarn from the dollar store and I had a scarf ready in an evening. From not knowing how to knit to creating a scarf in just one evening is pretty impressive.

This is also a great gift to share with the kids in your life. It promotes a healthy hobby and helps them refine motor skills – not to mention spend some time away from various screens, TV, computer and mobile.

Yarn Tree Kit

The craft kits from Craftastic are a personal favorite! I just love the whimsical themes and the projects covered. This particular kit is a yarn tree and is an amazing project to do for your home or office. It adds an instant punch of color and fun to any space.

Faber-Castell Paper Flowers

Faber-Castell’s new Design Memory Craft line is a dream and when they came out with kits I was super excited. Faber-Castell is known to have innovative and quality products and I have tried several of their art supplies. This kit comes with everything you need to make beautiful flowers. A great way to spend an evening or a day and a great activity to do with girl friends.

Do you have any favourite craft kits? Please share them with us in the comments below

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