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I love to travel and thanks to my day job, running a software and digital media company, I get to do a lot of that. Whenever I am in someplace new I always research and look up fun classes to do. You will be amazed at how fun the exercise can be!

To date I’ve done book-binding in Thailand, Watercolor and Brush Lettering in Malaysia, Batik in Bali, Zentangle on Rhode Island and recently I did some Illustration and Drawing at The Paper + Craft Pantry in Austin Texas.

You might already know a skill or you might be scared of trying something new, no matter what your skill level, you will always learn something new. Taking this new doodling class I was a little skeptical – I know how to doodle and have been doing it for ages. That wasn’t the point though. I was learning it from someone else, who had a completely different approach to mine. I learnt new doodles and new ways to deconstruct them. Continue reading