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Around the World with 80 Artists is a labor of love. 80 artists – from across the US, UK, Australia, Iraq, Pakistan, Sweden, France, Italy and 14 other beautiful countries – came together to plan this artistic journey around the world, in the spirit of Jules Verne. We hope you will find the projects between these pages to be as much of as adventure as any Phileas Fogg undertook!

The motivation behind our expedition, however, is somewhat different to Fogg’s. We are not setting out to prove a point or embarking on a race against time, but instead, joining in an exuberant celebration of creativity – in all the various forms and styles it adopts around the globe.

This book was compiled at a time when narratives of hate, intolerance and destruction pervade the airwaves. Even minor differences have acquired the power to ignite raging fires, and far too many people have become distrustful of anything they find unfamiliar. Around the World in 80 Projects is a message of hope in these testing times, a testament to the richness and strength that lies in diversity. As you scroll through these pages, I hope you will be inspired by the beauty we can create when we work together in harmony and friendship.

A Peek into Around the World with 80 Artists

All the projects in this book were generously donated by the artists and we raised some money through Indiegogo to print a few copies to send out into the world to our incredible supporters. 20% of our proceeds go to The Malala Fund to help educate girls all over the world who might not otherwise have a chance at an education.

We’re hoping that this will be the first of many such collaborations and we would really appreciate your support in spreading the word about this adventure. There are many ways in which you can be a part of this project:

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All travelers need some practical information before they set out. Here are a few details about the book.

The projects in this book range from painting tutorials to scrapbooking projects, mixed media to lettering tutorials, home decor to wearable art. I am confident that each of you will find some techniques you are familiar with, and others that call to you from beyond your comfort zone. I encourage you to follow your curiosity and try out new ways of doing things.

Aside from the instructions accompanying their lovely projects, several of the artists also included other fun surprises – pictures, stories, facts and recipes from the places where they live. So, while you create your way across the world, one project at a time, you will also be traveling virtually, learning about new places, seeing what they look like and sampling their cuisine.

If you have any questions about the book please don’t hesitate to contact me on social media.

I hope you enjoy this unique and beautiful journey around the world.