A Festive Fabric Scraps Banner

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There is something about the holidays that makes me want to clean up my house, get rid of old stuff, send bags of supplies and clothes to Goodwill and get ready to decorate my house for the holidays. I’ve always loved this season, the cold air, the carols, the cheer and the wonderful Hallmark films!

This season I’ve also been going through things I have and sorting stuff to give to various charities. We tend to buy and hoard so much that I feel it’s a good thing to go over our things each year and try and share with those who otherwise might not have access to what we have plenty of.

While sorting through my craft supplies I came to my ribbon and fabric collection and for a while I just looked at the colors. Just looking at them gave me so much joy! I thought it would be a good idea to create a banner from some of the ribbons and fabric that I had.

The project is super simple to make and you can involve the whole family if you want. I used pieces that were about 12 inches in length and then using a piece of rope I started knotting the ribbons in color gradations. I used pinks and teal/greens for this one. You can use any color combination you like.

I folded the ribbon in half and held it under the rope, then I brought the two ends of the ribbon through the loop at the other end to make my knot. You can use simple knots too.

I used mostly ribbons, you can use fabric scraps if you want, or you can use both together.

I made a pretty long one for this project but then started thinking about what else could be done with the same technique. Looking through Pinterest I found, lamp shades, light fixtures, necklaces and so much more!

I think I’m going to try the necklace next. What about you? What are you doing to get ready for the holiday season?

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